6 Tips for Instagram when Traveling Solo

6 Tips for Instagram when Traveling Solo

Capturing the moment when you are alone doesn't have to be hard if you are prepared.

After plenty of trial and error, photography workshops, inspiration gathering and research, I figured out what works for me. Below are my recommendations based on what has worked for me over time, so hopefully it works for you!




TIP #1: Know your Aesthetic, or come up with one

Know what kind of mood, crop, color scheme and perspective you want before you shoot. It will give you a goal.

Also, become familiar with what kind of shots you take without much effort. I was scrolling through my images from past trips and saw consistent images I always take no matter where I am that I have never shared. There were tons of videos of car rides, pictures of my feet #ViewsFromTheTop style, selfies of the scenery I am in, food porn, live music playing etc.

Everything you do should have some balance and context, and a bit of storytelling. Storytelling is important because it makes people feel like they were with you if you are on a trip, getting your hair done or walking your dog.

TIP #2: Get Inspiration from those you Admire

I use my Instagram bookmark section as my inspiration moodboard. I refer back to it often for quotes, travel destination, beauty hacks, food recommendations - but also for picture inspiration.

It gives me a really great idea of what vibe I am going for and what I am aspiring for. Fashion Designers, Stylists, Editors and Photographers use moodboards, why shouldn't we!

TIP #3 | Learn Photo-Editing Apps

I use Facetune to fix up the background, my phone's photo light + saturation levels and sharpness. If you are looking to better your Instagram game, make sure to read @SongofStyle's book "Capture Your Style" I got.

Most great collections of photos use the same editing/filters for all of the photos to feel cohesive. Take this idea and apply it to your images!

TIP #4 | Use a Selfie Stick OR a Tripod WITH A Remote

Don't be afraid of equipment. I took some of my best photos with a tripod and a handheld remote! I wanted something efficient so I got a hybrid version that you can shop here!

tip #5 | Ask for Help, and Frame up the Shot

Can't set up your tripod, ask a another tourist to take a picture - and then take one for them! Framing up the shot before they take it is really helpful. A friend of mine showed me this trick, and it is mentioned in the book above as well! The more you ask, the less embarrassd you will feel. A closed mouth doesn't get fed, and picture not asked for wont get taken.

TIP #6 | Use Rapid Fire on a DSLR, OR Burst mode on iPhone

When some is taking a picture of you, show them how to use Live or Burst on the iPhone, or Rapid Fire on Your DSLR. Also, learn how to set up timed photos on both your cameras. Practice a few times at home alone to get a feel of the timing.